"All About Well encompasses all aspects of wellness."

" to support you and encourage you at whatever stage of wellness you may be." 

Leslie attended the University of Kentucky where she received a degree in Dietetics and then went on to complete the Dietetic Internship before sitting for the board exam. Through the extensive internship she was exposed to clients in clinical, food service, and community based settings. After completing the internship she knew her passion was to help others live a life without diets, without fear of food, and certainly without the stress that can come along with what to eat at each meal.


Leslie wants to help her clients understand the relationship between food and emotions, and help them incorporate sustainable habits in to their life. That being said, All About Well encompasses all aspects of wellness, not just the food you put in your body. Wellness is a state of mind; our emotions, food choices, exercise routines, and self care rituals are each apart of our overall wellness. 

Combining this holistic approach with science backed nutritional information, Leslie will formulate an individualized plan to fit your wellness needs. No diets, no fads, just real food and a sustainable lifestyle. Leslie is here to support you and encourage you at whatever stage of wellness you may be.

The views on this website are not intended to diagnose a medical condition or be taken as formal medical advice. Always consult a healthcare professional before beginning a new healthcare regimen.